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According to many researchers, most men today prefer women with medium-sized breasts, and an estimated 81% of men surveyed say they would have medium-sized breasts if they were women, while they would like to fantasize about women with large breasts, 53% said they fancy women with medium-sized ones. However, 74% agreed breast size was a deciding factor in a woman's attractiveness.

These results from an online poll which asked men on their preferences with regards to women's breast sizes, helps to explain why more and more women these days prefer to do something, in order to enhance their looks, which include increasing breast sizes.

However, regardless of what men think, a lot of women are happy with the size of their breasts, and only about a fifth of women have noted that they would consider, or have already done, an enhancement job. Most women would prefer enhancing their breast sizes the natural way, and would rather do it through non-surgical methods.

Women In Traditional Societies Have Used Herbs For Increasing Bust Sizes

The use of herbal mixtures, whether in creams, pills or lotions, for breast enlargement is not a recent phenomena. There have been rumors of harem girls being fed fenugreek to increase breast sizes and these have been floating around herbal circles for centuries.

The buxom nature of the girls of Bavaria have often been attributed to the hops and barley content of the local beers; and the college girls of the early 20th century recalled in song an herbal remedy that helped them "fill out their sweaters."

Traditional use of herbs has been noted in Asia and South America to promote breast growth through the regulation of hormonal balance. Breast enlargement supplements have combined traditional folk methods and modern scientific research, resulting in the most effective formulas available for breast enlargement and firmness.

The Internet Is A Great Source Of Enhancement Supplements

The Internet is a large venue for promoting and selling a wide array of breast enhancement supplements. Hundreds of varieties are offered, all of which have claims to significantly increase breast sizes.

For women who want to enhance their figure, it is understood that they will be required to spend a considerable amount of money, since most of the supplements sold online cost a great deal of cash. Before buying a product online, read for more information on the product, check its ingredients, and verify if the online store has the official license to sell these products, and if the supplements come from reputable suppliers and producers.

Check Out Product Review Sites

As the Internet serves as a huge market for breast enlargement supplements, there are websites that offer fair, balanced and credible product reviews. Viewing these product review sites will help women gain more reliable information on the products sold.

Many product review sites compare different supplement varieties, and rank them based on their effectiveness, price range,and amount of herbal ingredients. Online customers should always make a thorough check of the pill's ingredients, and see if a supplement sold online clearly displays and shows all important product information; including an explanation, if possible, of all the ingredients, whether herbal or artificial, on the product's website. - Breast Enlargement Pills

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