Brustvergrößerung Techniques

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Women throughout the ages have been uncomfortable with their bodies and particularly the size of their breasts. As such, small breast size can be a serious self esteem issue and for these women, breast enlargement techniques come as a godsend. Resorting to breast augmentation surgery should be a last resort; however, there are some very effective natural breast enlargement techniques out there as well, which we will also explore in this article.

The most basic factor that affects breast growth is the presence of the female hormone estrogen. During puberty, females naturally produce bucketfuls of estrogen, which leads to natural enhancement of the breasts and results in a more shapely figure during adolescence. Post puberty however, production of this hormone slows down. There are two ways you can inject more estrogen into your system after this stage in your life. You can either consume estrogen-rich foods, or take estrogen pills and medicines as a zu ergänzen. Lebensmittel wie Leinsamen-, Orangen-, Salbei und Rosmarin sind als hoch in Östrogen bekannt. Allerdings wäre es empfehlenswert, den Rat eines Arztes zu ergreifen, um zu sehen, wie viel Östrogen sollten Sie verbrauchen dafür sein, gesund für Sie sein.

Dann gibt es Brustverbesserung Techniken und Übungen, die Ihre Brüste verbessern wird. Die einfachste Übung ist, dass die Ziele Ihrer Brustmuskeln, die Muskeln direkt unter den Brüsten. Wir nennen diese "Brustmuskeln" bei Männern. Indem diese wachsen ein wenigmuscle, it often gives the female breasts a rounder, firmer look. There are exercises like pectoral pushups, the butterfly press, the peck press, wall ups, and more which can help to build these muscles. More exotic exercises include the Indian Stabdhasana, Dwikonasana, Sajah Stabdhasana, Bhujangasana and the Ushtasana. These work on the principles of yoga and concentrate also on making your whole body more supple and flexible. Even though these breast enlargement exercises are difficult to do, they will probably have more benefits than those specifically designed for the breasts.

Lastly, it is important to wear the right sized bra in order to ensure the most breast growth. When you wear a bra that is too small for you, it inhibits blood circulation to the breasts and results in smaller breasts. A good idea would be to try to massage your chest for five minutes or so before you go to bed. This will improve the blood circulation, and will result in rounder, fuller breast sizes.

However, if all these natural methods of breast enlargement techniques do not work out, you might consider breast augmentation surgery. Since this is a pretty much an irreversible process, and one still surrounded by some level of taboo in our society, you should consider this as a last option for enhancing the growth of your breasts. Even so, breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common forms of surgery in the USA, even though it is not the safest. While previously, this surgery involved the insertion of silicone based padding into your breasts, these days, surgeons prefer to use saline-based padding due to concerns about silicone leakage in some individuals.

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