Breast Enhancement Hypnosis

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This video provide a full Breast enhancement hypnosis ... Part 1 - Relaxation Scripts Part 2 - Induction Scripts Part 3 - Suggestion And Awakening Scripts There are plenty of Scientific Evidence about the existence of Mind-Body connection and that we have our own "inner physician" that can dictate the growth and dismissal of specific cells within our body. There are several scientific studies that prove that Breast Enhancement Hypnosis really works. Your mind has the ability to instruct and direct all the functions in your body, including creating the programming for cell growth, hormones, blood flow and skin cell growth. You are constantly growing new cells. Every cell that dies off get it's instructions from the old cell, and in the case of skin cells, if there was a scar, the new cell is instructed to form in the same way as the old cell and become part of the scar tissue. But why does this perfectly healthy new cell have to take on the memory of the old cell? We get completely new skin every 20 days. All of our skin cells are replaced. They do not need to be replaced with the old messages. Hypnosis acts as the messenger sending information to the new cell, and break the communication of damage or aging, or injury.

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